Fishy eeg

The Great people of Applied Neuro and I created and coded plugins for a Unity based game that utilized a bluetooth EEG system.  This system allowed us to control the speed of the fish based on how well you were concentrating.  This project was completed in two weeks.

Skull simulator

During the I4h Hackathon I was place in team #15 skullsimulator also called ceribrosim.  Due to my experience with my SAIT capstone I was able to model an anonymous mri scan.  From this scan I extracted the brain and the scull allowing me to creat the scull and a mold of the brain with 3D printers.  We didn't win the competition but I learn more than I can ever say in those three days.

first drafts

For my short run at TOM Makers I participated in designing a wearable, limited sensor, opensource EEG.  This was my first prototype and It worked as well as expected.  It did its job but I was not satisfied with how it fit.  I have since designed a new one that was scaled off of my clients MRI.  I did this by turning the MRI dicom into a solid 3d model.