Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Whether CAD design of new and old products or researching of new ideas here is as much as I can say about current projects.

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research and Development

Participation in multiple competitions for new companies and technologies.  The most recent being the I4H health hack competition.  During this 72 hr event my team and I developed a new skull simulator for Neurosurgical training.

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My current studies are in application and design of Robotic systems and fine tuneing them for lean manufacuring systems.

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I have strived to learn new things in every aspect of my life.  Usualy this means picking up a new book or language but often It involves research into principles I need for a new pet project.  If I don't know how to do something then I find someone who does or learn how to do it myselt.  As an example the image on the right is of a game I developed with the Applied Neuro group.  It was controled by an EEG sensor and developed on the unity engine.